The magic starts here.

How does I Need My Space define success? Clients who are liberated and accomplish more in a twenty-four hour period than they ever thought possible. We offer residential services, business services, professional partnerships and relocation services.

Residential Services

•  Reduce clutter; streamline possessions
•  Help design closets, kitchens and home storage
•  Develop paper/mail management systems
•  Manage time more efficiently
•  Organize photographs and memorabilia
•  Work with architect/designer for home planning

Business Services

•  Increase productivity and efficiency
•  Reduce clutter to create a more professional workspace
•  Develop paper management and filing systems
•  Change work habits that impede success
•  Work to fulfill your full potential
•  Decrease stress associated with disorganization
•  Increase job satisfaction

Professional Partnerships

I Need My Space partners with other design professionals to ensure that its clients’ organizing needs are addressed during home construction and renovation projects, including:
•  Architects
•  Designers
•  Contractors
•  Real Estate Agents

Relocation Services

•  Purge contents of home prior to move
•  Help sell/ donate furniture and clothing
•  Stage home for sale
•  Interview/ Supervise movers
•  Reduce moving weight= reduced moving costs
•  Create / Maintain storage inventory
•  Unpack in new home setting up organized systems from day one

I Need My Space